Jeffrey Breault Talks About the C8 and the Hall of Fame at the Corvette Museum

Out in Bowling Green Kentucky, Jeffrey Breault notes that one of the world’s most anticipated cars has appeared. A prototype for the C8 Chevrolet sports car is now in the National Corvette Museum. This model was initially used to test the powertrain on the C8, giving visitors a closer look at this sleek vehicle.

The Clay Model The two latest additions to the Corvette Museum are the prototype and the 40% clay model. The model itself was created in 2014 and was used to assess the final look of the car. While it may look like a toy car that any one of us could have played with, the model was used to evaluate the theme and form of the vehicle. It’s also meant to adequately portray how aerodynamic the car would be when in motion.

The Prototype But what captures the attention of car lovers like Jeffrey Breault is the prototype itself. The variety that found its way into the museum is not quite production-ready. It doesn’t even have the exterior components that appear in the final, production-form of the car. It was built to test out the excellent powertrain system of the vehicle. The engine outfitted into the vehicle is a 6.2-liter V8 that even has all the test equipment still attached to it. These piece of equipment were used to record data during track testing. Also, it showcases the unique exhaust system of the car.

The Museums Inducts Wendell Strode Apart from these two new additions, Jeffrey Breault notes that the museum held an induction to the Hall of Fame Class of 2019 during Labor Day. Retiring Executive Director Wendell Strode is one of them. As many of the attendees have said, this man is responsible for the renewal of the National Corvette Museum. Strode was also instrumental in the upward swing that the museum has since enjoyed. His presence on the Hall of Fame is well-deserved.

Car lovers of both classics and new models can rest easy knowing that the National Corvette Museum will continue to prosper. With new additions as striking as the C8 prototype, there will be a lot more car experiences to look forward to in the future.


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