Jeffrey Breault lists key dates for NBA 2019

While the trade season is on top of NBA news lately, Jeffrey Breault believes that more surprises should be expected, as there are still months left in the league season.

The trade and contract season started last month, with the 10-day contracts commencing first, while the rest of the deals done by January 10 were guaranteed as signed for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, two-way contracts were done by January 15. The NBA trade season has already started, with the deadline set for February 7 at 3:00 p.m. ET. Fans will note that the trade deadline is set earlier than in previous seasons. Previously, the trade deadline is set Thursday after the scheduled All-Star game. The 2019 All-Star is set on February 15-17, which places the new trade deadline at least 10 days early.

Noted insiders like Jeffrey Breault believe that the idea this time is sound. Supposedly, the new deadline is set so that newly-traded players will not disrupt schedules and team practice.

The regular season ends on April 10, though just days after this, the 2019 playoffs are set to begin, on April 13. The rosters for the playoffs will be finalized a day before, April 12, at 3:00 p.m. ET.

There are no definite dates on the Conference Semifinals and Finals schedules, though they are scheduled to between the last week on April to the second week of May. The NBA finals are set to start on May 30.

The last play of the season is set to happen on June 16. Meanwhile, the NBA Draft is scheduled for June 20.

With the dates already set, fans are expecting more updates and news for at least until the middle of the year, though the next season is also set to happen in the latter half of 2019. Check out news and updates from insiders like Jeffrey Breault to get your NBA fix real time!


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