Jeffrey Breault’s blog aims to provide both educational information about finance while also suggesting ways to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Jeffrey is an avid Wichita State University Basketball fan, an automobile collector and closely involved with automotive racing. He’s taken part in various races, including The Great Race which runs 1,800 miles from Kirkwood, Missouri to Santa Monica, California.

Jeffrey is also a committed family man. He and his wife Shelly raise their two teenage boys and remain active in their community. Jeffrey is an active Shriner and is involved in local charities and nonprofit organizations. One of the objectives of this blog is to provide insights into achieving that work/life balance that so many find to be a challenge in their daily lives.

Through his work with Carey Thomas Hoover & Breault Jeffrey is able to give clients unique insights into financial management, providing custom-tailored advice to clients all over the nation. Jeffrey owns as business himself and has backed multiple businesses throughout his 25-year career in the financial sector. Readers of this blog can expect to get quality content that will help them achieve success in their professional and personal pursuits.


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